Given our experience in Latin American health industry, HCM&C International provides a wide range of consulting services to companies interested in establishing operations or operating in the region.

We can offer to third parties all the activities we carry out for the distribution of our own Products, either individually or combined, such as:


Product Analysis. Target countries. Distribution channels. Target customers. Identification of main prospects and clinical and technical presentation of the Products.

Regulatory issues advisory

Analysis of regulations and requirements applicable in each country depending on Product specifications and classification.

Device Registration

Official Registration of the devices in front of competent healthcare authorities. Price and term commitment.

Sales Management

Follow up of presale and marketing activities until sales closing. Order management including logistics and customer delivery.

Customer Service

Product performance follow up. Warranty management. Technical and clinical assistance.


Product information and training to physicians, patients and customers provided by our specialized clinical staff.

If your company plans to set up in Latin America or needs consulting services to optimize distribution, HCM&C International has the experience and the best professionals to support you.

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