From its very first model (Sefam pioneered CPAP devices manufacturing in Europe) to recently released DreamStar family, Sefam main goal has been to design practical and innovative solutions oriented to overcome patient and prescribers' therapy issues.


Product Range

New DreamStar range spreads along 5 steps from access device, DreamStar Intro, to maximum performance Bi-level DreamStar Duo ST. Any model already offers some of the basic features which will make patient's life easier, such as control panel and screen oriented up and front (so they remain visible while patient is sitting or laying), the possibility to have an integrated humidifier (Evolve versions) or integrated power supply.

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Comfort Calibration Plus

Comfort Calibration Plus (CC+) feature increases comfort in patient receiving CPAP or Auto-CPAP therapies. CC+ synchronizes pressure delivered to patient's breathing cycle, with no compromise to therapy efficacy. The technology is based in automatic calibration principles, and may increase airway pressure during inspiration and then reduce it during exhalation. Pressure swing adapts to patient's own respiratory cycles.


Auto-calibration optimizes device's performance for every combination of mask and patient circuit. This feature compensates dynamic resistance, which may be different with different types of masks and patient's tubes. Final outcome is prescribed pressure is actually delivered in patient's mask, making DreamStar compatible with almost any combination of mask and patient circuit (22mm or 15mm diameter).

Water Control and Humid Control Plus

Innovative design of water reservoir "DreamStar water control" and automatic humidification system "Humid control +" provide a new level of water management. This by preventing the risk of water returning to the device and minimizing water condensation in patient's circuit, thus maintaining a steady level of humidification overnight despite the changes in room temperature or patient's average flow. The design of the water reservoir eases hygiene allowing no water trap and easy access for cleaning.


DreamStar Intro and DreamStar Intro Evolve

Access model to DreamStar range already shows features from higher range devices, such as Humid control, which minimizes water condensation inside patient's tube when humidifier is in use, or integrated data recording which can save up to one year of patient's therapy data.


DreamStar Info and DreamStar Info Evolve

Info is premium CPAP within DreamStar range. DreamStar Info can detect respiratory events such as apneas, hypopneas, flow limitation or snoring, differentiating between obstructive and central events and detecting leaks, for clinician to evaluate how is patient responding to therapy.


DreamStar Auto and DreamStar Auto Evolve

Auto model is high end DreamStar device for sleep apnea treatment. Auto-CPAP DreamStar Auto increases pressure delivery in response to obstructive respiratory events in patient's airway, such as snoring or apneas, while pressure remains unchanged during central events (not obstructive).


DreamStar Duo and DreamStar Duo Evolve

DreamStar Duo is a Bi-level device built to deliver non invasive pressure support ventilation to patients suffering from sleep apnea or chronic respiratory insufficiency (non-dependant patients). DreamStar Duo offers, among other interesting features, FlowSens algorithm, which enhances synchronization between patient and device.


DreamStar Duo ST and DreamStar Duo ST Evolve

As DreamStar Duo, DreamStar Duo ST is a Bi-level device built to deliver non invasive pressure support ventilation to patients suffering from sleep apnea or chronic respiratory insufficiency (non-dependant patients). DreamStar Duo ST shows all Duo features while adding two new settings: backup frequency (or backup respiratory rate) and I/E ratio, for a better control and safety of patient's respiration.